Rid your E-Waste for FREE ♻️🗑️💻🖨️

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Why should you recycle your electronics?

going green WASTE icon.png

Every year 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of worldwide.

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95% of e-waste is recyclable, only 15-20% is being recycled.

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70% of the world’s population do not have computers or the Internet.

296 more jobs are created from reusing or recycling computers.

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Bring your electronic waste to NGL Connection. We recycle just about anything with a plug or battery for free!


933 Main Street, Evanston WY 82930

(307) 288-5491

The Real Life Heroes

April 2019 - Uinta County Fire Department.jpg
April 2019 - Sublette County Unified Fire.jpg
April 2019 - Sublette County EMS 2 size - Kris Kluck.jpg
April 2019 - South Lincoln Sheriff.jpg

After surviving a long winter, we were finally able to finish delivering our donation checks. Thank you to the Uinta County Sheriff and Fire Departments, Sublette County Fire Department and EMS, and South Lincoln Sheriff's Department for providing assistance and keeping our communities safe.

Thank you again to our customers that make this happen. Our “Season of Giving” would not be the same without you. Don't know what our "Season of Giving" is, read our past Newsletter's and find out!

2019 Hometown Showcase

April 2019 - Hometown Showcase Blythe and Nathen 2.jpg

Working as a team NGL Connection was able to participate and have a booth in this year's Hometown Showcase. Lupita and Scotty were there early to set up. They had the opportunity to say a few things on the radio, talk to other businesses and people. For the rest of the day Blythe, Nathen, and Jae were ready and happy to help with all your technology questions and needs.

Thanks to the Evanston Small Business Network for organizing this event and for giving small businesses the opportunity to get to know each other.

Keep it GREEN, Keep it CLEAN Tips and More!

Garrett's Gadgets & Gabs

Septemebr 2018 - WEDA Pic Garrett.jpg

A keen awareness of our environment is ever present in humanity’s daily life and, therefore, it seems fitting that there is a day to celebrate it. What day is this? Earth Day, which is celebrated across the world every year on April 22. On this day we are encouraged to recycle, reuse, and reduce. Today I would like to bring attention to reducing by means of maintaining.

One way to easily reduce by maintaining would be to curve the consumption of products with the maintenance of personal belongings. As far as personal belongings go; one that is often neglected is personal computers. Computers/towers tend to sit under desks, in a dusty corner, or even on the floor as a dust magnet often forgotten.

Did you know that dust buildup inside laptops, desktops, and other electronics can drastically decrease their lifespan? What happens is dust builds up around every nook and cranny effectively suffocating the computer. From there the device overheats causing electrical failure and can even burst into flames. Luckily, with a little TLC, this can easily be averted. About once a month open up your computer and blow the dust out. Be careful not to touch any of the components, making sure the computer is turned off and the power cord is unplugged. If the computer is exceptionally dirty; it is highly recommended to bring it to a computer specialist. Using the wrong cleaning tools can cause irreparable damage. By keeping up with the internal and external dust removal of your computers you can maximize the usefulness and use your PC for years to come.

Just remember there are many ways to celebrate Earth Day and help the environment. Whether recycling your waste materials, reusing your bath towel more than once, or even simply maintaining your computer, you can help the environment too. Get out there, help the environment, and make sure you clean your computer.

Dirty Desktop 1.jpg
Dirty Desktop 2.jpg
Dirty Laptop.jpg

Garrett Biebinger

Computer Repair Technician

New Employee Spotlight - McKay

April 2019 - McKay Spotlight Pic.jpg

What do you like best about working for NGL? "The people are awesome."

Who inspires you? "My dad."

If you could be any animal, which would you be? "Eagle, I want to fly and feel free."

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing that you would do? "I would build my parents a house."

What are you passionate about? "Fishing, it's the best thing in the world."

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? "Probably the craziest and dumbest thing I did was jumping dirt bikes at the Sand Dunes and breaking my back."

What are you currently watching on Netflix/Hulu? "I am watching "Breaking Bad" right now."

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day? "No one, I am content with being myself."

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had or weirdest thing you have tired? "The weirdest thing I have tried is Rocky Mountain Oysters."

If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go? "New Zeland, it's a gorgeous place and I would love to go fishing there.

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person? "Working in the family business."

What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity? "Riding ATV's and dirtbikes."

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? "Blue."

What is your favorite family tradition? "Camping, I feel at peace out in the wilderness."

Hometown Showcase 2019

April 2018 - Expo Scotty and Lupita with courtesy of.jpg

NGL Connection has the honor of joining the Evanston Small Business Network and community for this year's Hometown Showcase. This event will allow local businesses an opportunity to engage more directly and interact with each other on a more personal level.

Last year, Lupita Palma, Scotty Heckert, and others were able to join the expo. These expos let you experience and check out many of the great services offered in town. Last year, everyone was able to meet Weatherby the pack goat from a local business who offered their animals as a way to transport goods during large hikes and other activities.

"I was able to meet new people and learn about the other services that small businesses in the area have to offer!" - NGL Connection, Lupita Pama on her experience at the 2018 Expo

We invite you again to participate in this year's showcase on April 27, at 10 a.m. For more information visit evanstonsmbusnetwork.com.

Spring Forward into March and Save!

Springtime is just around the corner, March 20th to be exact. Last month, we offered a free diagnostic (a $40 value) for the entire month of February. We hope you were able to take advantage of this offer. Starting in March, and for the whole season of Spring, we will be offering 10% off a Computer Virus/Bug Removal and Cleaning. Offer expires June 20, 2019.

Employee Spotlight - Blythe

March 2019 - Blythe Renelle2.jpg

What do you like best about working for NGL? “I like that when I walk in every morning everyone is in a good mood.”
Who inspires you? “My mother. She is a hard worker and instilled morals in me. She raised seven kids.”
If you could be any animal, which would you be? “Polar Bear. It’s my spirit animal. I call myself a mama bear.”
What’s the last book you read? “The Linnet Bird. It’s about a girl that overcomes obstacles."
What are you passionate about? “My children. Their safety and happiness is my number one priority in life.”
What’s your favorite movie? “Anything Sci-Fi. I like the imagination part that comes with it.”
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? “I swam with sharks in Tahiti. They were feeding them on one side and I jumped in with them on the other side.”
What are you currently watching on Netflix/Hulu? “The Incredibles 2. I can watch that movie over and over again.”
Who would you most like to swap places with for a day? Ellen DeGeneres. I would defiantly swap a day with her.”
What’s the best meal you’ve ever had or weirdest thing you have tired? “The best meal I ever had was in Tahiti. We went out and caught our own Ahi and brought it back. It was prepared for us with lime juice and coconut milk. The weirdest thing. Snails. Gross!”
If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go? “I would go to Thailand. I loved the movie ‘The King and I’. I watched it with my grandmother.”
What’s your secret talent that no one knows about? “I can sing “Come Sail Away with Me” in Cartman’s voice from South Park.”
Which two individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most? “Obama - he seems like a fun guy and Freddy Mercury. He was amazing, I wish I would have gotten the chance to see him."
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? “Black because it’s the color I like to buy. It goes with everything."
What is your favorite family tradition? "Camping. It was the only vacation that we could afford while growing up and the food is fantastic. We do dutch oven dinners.”
Who is your least favorite superhero? “Captain America. He is just so full of himself and cocky."
Who is your most favorite superhero? “So far I would say Star-Lord. He is so funny and relatable. He doesn’t really know what his superpower is.”


NGL Connection had the privilege to be involved in the Evanston Youth Club for Boys and Girls Fortnite tournament at the Dana Center this past February. We donated a high-speed service for the smoothest connection. The youth involved had great fun and learned quite a bit about tournament organization as they set up the entire event.

We are glad to have a local spot for our youth to hang out and receive any aid with schoolwork. A big thank you to Holly and the staff of the Evanston Youth Club. It's their hard work that keeps the gears turning!

Bringing the New to the Old - The Secret is out

Our Future New Home - The OPO

Exciting things are happening at NGL Connection and we want to share some important news with you! We have found a new home, the historic Old Post Office building. It's far from ready for us to move into. We will have to restore it back to its natural beauty and make it up to building code. For now, 933 Main Street will continue to be our present home and changes will probably not start for another year or so.

A little history about the Old Post Office. Construction began in 1898 and it was completed in 1904. The main floor was used as the Post Office. The second floor held the grand jury courtroom along with the Sheriff's Department from 1910 to 1915. The third floor was used for other offices. The OPO (Old Post Office) is a beautiful building and a great monument that represents the heart and history of Evanston, Wyoming.

February 2018 - Heart Awareness Month Cover.png

National Heart Awareness Month

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. Here are 12 helpful tips to help keep your heart healthy.

1. Walk briskly for 10 min

2. Dance to three songs

3. Play a sport

4. Park farther away

5. Take a bike ride

6. Take the stairs

7. Go swimming

8. Eat less sodium

9. Eat more fruits and vegetables

10. Drink more water

11. Sleep 7-8 hours a day

12. Mediate and indulge in some relaxation

In 2016, the year that I started working at NGL Connection is when I realized that if I wanted to make changes I had to make a whole lifestyle change. My Manager had asked me if I wanted to participate and help organize a Wellness Program for our workplace. That was the start of what we have today.

Walking is a great way for us to get out of the office. In the summer we gather up a group and go on our morning and afternoon walks for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day. This year we even tried the 'no excuses' motto and walked in the snow with freezing weather. In the end, we get a good sense of accomplishment knowing that we got up and were active that day.

The health of your computer is important too and regular check-ups can save you time and money. For the entire month of February and in honor of National Heart Awareness Month we are offering a FREE Computer Diagnostic (a $40 value).

For more information about Computer Services call our office at (307) 288-5491 or visit our page at www.nglconnection.com.

WCF Round-About-Wine


Who doesn't love a good bottle of wine? I know I do! The Wyoming Community Foundation hosted the Round-About-Wine event which was held at the Roundhouse here in Evanston, Wyoming. Thanks to a co-worker that invited me to go I was able to experience my very first wine tasting event. I recommend you to try it at least once, especially if you are wine a fanatic (like a few of us here at NGL).

Scotty's Bits and Bytes

September 2018 - Scotty WY Downs.jpg

One of the most popular resolutions we make for the new year, and one I know I’ve made, is to lead a healthier lifestyle. We aim to eat better, sleep better, and shrug off those bad habits that we find ourselves immersed into. Our bodies are not the only thing we need to keep healthy but our devices as well. Once they start failing we can lose vital information and resources.

Are you asking yourself “how do I keep my device healthy?" Many do. Luckily, it’s just like making better choices for yourself, if not easier.

Ever had a day of nothing but junk and fast food? I shouldn’t admit it but I have. It causes your body to clog up, blood flow can be affected and overall makes us sick and can steal our energy and health. The same thing can happen to your computers and phones! When you open them to bad web links, spam from your email it lets in viruses and other malicious software. What’s even worse, if you’re not careful, it can happen in hours, not days. It starts by slowing down and gradually becomes unresponsive. In many cases, if not treated it will eventually lock up and crash entirely.

What about waking up after a poor night’s sleep? I have sleep apnea, waking up more times than I would like groggy and hard to move (let’s not forget grumpy). Just because your devices aren’t human doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t give them a good night’s rest. Those devices all have moving parts within them, and if they run endlessly they will begin to break down. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a “grumpy” computer, but they are stubborn and difficult to work with.

Just because its February doesn’t mean its time to move on from our resolutions. Screwed up a couple times? Good, its how we grow. Get back in the arena and keep going, 2019 is just getting started and we’re ready to help. Remember, you aren’t the only one you need to account for. For every salad you eat, make sure to stay safe online and for every week you sleep soundly give your computer a night to cool down. Remember, a healthy device means a healthy life.

Scotty Heckert
T1-T2 Technician

Small-Town Happenings


plat a tree.jpg


We Raised Over $3,500

Season of Giving Back Results

In December, NGL Connection donated $2 of every on-time payment to the First Responders in our service areas. We are pleased to announce that our customers helped raise $3,532. We thank our customers for helping NGL Connection with this worthy cause.

First Responders are individuals that are dedicated to helping serve our communities. In times of emergencies, they are the ones that run toward an event rather than away from it.

Together, we are making a positive difference in our communities.

Winner of the Chromebook Raffle

December 2018 - Raffle Chromebook Winner Brett Provstgaard.jpg

In December, NGL Connection held a Chromebook Laptop Raffle for Main Street Promotions 12 Days of Christmas. Of the 422 entry's submitted, we are pleased to announce that Brett Provstgaard was the lucky winner. Congratulations Brett! Thank you to everyone that participated and be on the lookout for more chances to win other amazing prizes throughout the year.

NGL's Christmas Party

December 2018 - NGL Christmas Party.jpg
December 2018 - isolvu Escape Room.jpg

For our company Christmas party, NGL spoiled us with a nice dinner at our local Tumblin' Tumbleweeds restaurant. We exchanged White Elephant gifts -- the Red Ryder BB gun was the favorite. Afterwards we headed to isolvu for some team building games.

Scotty's Bits and Bytes

September 2018 - Scotty WY Downs.jpg

It is the New Year and that means a resolution for almost every part of your life. These include things like reading a book once a month, taking an hour of time for yourself, being outdoors more, and/or eating healthier. Many people call this a detox from life’s junk.

A lot of people’s resolutions revolve around improving their physical life. While this is great for your mind and body, we shouldn’t think our digital lives don’t need their own set of resolutions.

Even if you’re planning on stepping away from your cellular or computer devices, does not mean they are going to step away from you. A lot of times we will put our tablets away or just stop using our Google Homes and Alexas, leaving them to gather dust or sit in the background. 

One of the first steps to improving your digital life should be to “detox” your home network. Don’t just put them aside, remember to shut them off or unplug them. Many digital devices can last days when they aren’t in use and will continue to search for updates or listen for interaction from us. Ever had problems streaming a video from Amazon or Netflix? Pages loading slower or internet downloads taking longer? Detox and your devices should work better.

You can also quiet down your digital life by taking some time to clean out your devices. If you’re like me, you’ve probably debated whether or not you should get a new email. My email has almost a thousand unread messages from different websites and organizations that I was involved with at one point in time. By taking just 15 or 30 minutes to unsubscribe to these “pests” you’ll see the difference immediately. Fewer emails will come through to “bug” you and you might find yourself seeing more important emails faster. Take the time to do this with your applications as well. Many will work in the background and cause not only a lot of bloat and battery issues but can even be one of the reasons your network is having trouble.

If you ever have any questions about what your network is doing, give your provider a call. At NGL Connection, the internet technicians can check your service to see if it might be overloaded with junk. The computer technicians can assist you in cleaning up your computer and other devices. You can reach us at the store Monday through Friday greeting you with a smile and a helping hand.

Scotty Heckert

T1-T2 Technician

Small-Town Happenings

January 2019 - WCF Round About Wine.jpg
January 2019 - Sulphur Creek Derby.jpg

Sulphur Creek Ice Fishing Derby will be on February 2, 2019.

For more information about the Fishing Derby click here.

Season of Giving Back - Merry Christmas from NGL Connection

"Season of Giving Back"

January 2016 - SAFV Donation.jpg

2016 SAFV


2017 Boys and Girls Club

Rich County Seniors.jpg
Amy Oehler, Garrett Beibinger, Ann Covolo, Bruno Covolo, seniors Valley.jpg
Evanston seniors.jpg

2018 Senior Centers

Southwest Sublette Pioneers.jpg

Our Season of Giving is finally here!

In the past, with the help of our customers, we were able to donate to SAFV, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Senior Centers in the areas that we serve. This year we are giving back to our First Responders that include the Fire, Ambulance, Sheriffs and Police Departments. In times of emergencies, they are the first to arrive and provide assistance in our communities.

For every payment made on or before the 20th of December, NGL Connection will donate $2 to the First Responders in our Service areas. Help us make this Season of Giving better than the last!

Christmas Chromebook Raffle

December 2018 - Chromebook Raffle FB Cover.jpg

Tis’ the Season to spend with family and friends enjoying the beauty of the Holiday. Why not come Downtown and enjoy all there is to offer? Relax with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa at one of our local coffee shops. Stroll through the unique stores for that one of a kind gift for that person who has everything. Take a break from shopping to grab a bite to eat at one of the fine restaurants located in the downtown area. While enjoying the holiday magic and cozy downtown atmosphere, don’t forget to register to win a Chrome Notebook, courtesy of NGL Connection, your locally owned and operated Internet provider and computer repair store. See any downtown merchant for more details.

Click here for rules and regulations. 

Downtown Open House & Parade of Lights

Nomvember 2018 - Open House Christmas Pic.jpg

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at NGL Connection.

Last Thursday, we kicked off the season with the Downtown Open House and Parade of Lights. We stayed open late, provided warm drinks for anyone wanting to come in from the cold, and played one of my old favorite movies 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.' Thank you to the Evanston Main Street Promotions for putting these events together and making our Downtown feel more festive.

For more information on events happening in Downtown Evanston, visit the Main Street Promotions Facebook page.

Scotty's Bits and Bytes


Merry Christmas everyone! It’s that time of year when we’re getting together and catching up with friends and family.

Winter can bring us together in our homes or across the internet. This can also cause a lot of difficulties if you’re not prepared for your technological needs. Simply shutting down a few extra devices to open up bandwidth for the family is an option. Another option is upgrading your package for this season’s guests. Sometimes all it takes is moving up one package to increase the bandwidth.

Do you video chat with the grandkids, parents, or siblings? As your neighbor’s homes fill up you might notice some slower speeds while streaming and video chatting. The extra devices that arrive with people can cause problems by filling up the network around you. Remember, just because it's your personal network doesn’t mean internet congestion can’t put a damper on your holiday.

Don’t let slow speeds or poor quality ruin your family holiday. Our technicians can help you find the perfect package for your holiday season. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Scotty Heckert

T1-T2 Technician

Treats not Tricks Happy Halloween from NGL Connection

EHS Homecoming Parade


This year's Homecoming Parade was a great success. We had a fun time coming up with and creating our "Nightmare Before Christmas" float. It was a group effort with the help of our employees and family. We were really happy to be a part of such a large turn out supporting our Evanston Red Devils. Congrats to the Red Devils on their game against Green River, 19-14.

Wyoming Working Together

Septemebr 2018 - WEDA Pic Garrett and Scotty.jpg

In September we had the opportunity to be a part of the WEDA Conference. WEDA is a non-profit association comprised of economic development professionals working in the state of Wyoming.

The conference was held in Evanston at the Round House. There was an opportunity to attend workshops and learn different strategies.

Jon Schallert, internationally recognized professional speaker and business consultant, started the day with his experiences with other businesses around the US. Matt Mead, Governor of Wyoming, was another inspirational speaker. It was a pleasure and honor for us to meet him prior to his speech.

New Employee: Nikishia Hart

October 2018 - Niki front desk.jpg

Meet our new Customer Service Representative, Nikishia Hart. She is a native of Evanston, born and raised. Niki likes to make metal-free jewelry, eat good food with family and friends, go on walks and spend her free time with her dog, Snookie. She is bilingual and hopes to learn a lot more here at NGL. Niki started working with us last month and has been a great asset to our team.

If you haven't already met Niki, don't forget to say 'hi' next time you come into our office. She will have a big smile and a friendly 'hello' for you in return.

Scotty's Bits and Bytes

October 2018 - AdGuard Ad1.jpg

Safety is a number one concern when we’re online. Every day we take the time to surf the web on multiple devices -- computers, tablets, eReaders, and cell phones. At NGL, we want to see you protected and secured.

Did you know that pesky advertisements can be one of the most harmful things to your daily Internet tasks? Not only can they be host to dozens of corruptive malware and viruses but ads themselves can actually slow your devices to a crawl.

There is a way to avoid these problems! Using a protective service, like AdGuard, you can remove those ads and browse safely. AdGuard is safe and can be a free service -- downloaded and installed to any of your computers, Android or Apple devices. AdGuard, specifically, will remove unwanted advertisements and also give you the tools to ensure you stay safe and protected. Parental control tools and hiding your data from prying eyes makes it a robust choice.

To learn more about AdGuard visit www.nglconnection.com/adguard or call us at

(307) 288-5491 for more information.

Scotty Heckert

T1-T2 Technician

Small-Town Happenings

October 2018 - Trick or Treat FB Cover.jpg

Halloween is just around the corner and our Downtown will be doing their annual Trick-or-Treat event. Bring your kids down for some treats and show us your costumes.


The Sagebrush Theater opening night started last week with "Agatha Christie made me do it." They will have two more performances this Friday and Saturday at 7 pm.

For more information visit their Facebook page.

Goodbye Summer... Hello Fall

Splish Splash NGL's Water Bash

Every year NGL Connection throws a summer party for employees and their families. Our Event Committee decided that a water party would be a good theme to celebrate the end of the long hot summer. It was our first time as an Event Committee and our turnout was successful. We had great food and desserts catered from our local Smith's store. Some of us played volleyball while others enjoyed throwing the football. A few water gun feuds broke out during the party--kids against kids, adults against kids, and adults against adults. In the end our bellies were full and we were cooled off for the day.

For past Newsletters and more information about NGL Connection visit our website at www.nglconnection.com

Our Installers and Tower Crew

July 2018 - Movies at the Park.jpg

Chad and Trevor are always coming up with ways to make things run smoother for the company. Chad does our wire installations and has been working for NGL for about four years. He likes to hunt and be with his family. Trevor does our tower work and has been with us for a year and a half. He lives in Bridger Valley and one of his hobbies is building cars and participating in demolition derbies. They fix, build, and maintain everything in the Uinta, Bridger Valley and Rich County areas.

Carol - Southwest Sublette Pioneers.jpg

Chuck has been working for NGL Connection for three years. He likes to hike and fly his drone. We enjoy many of his videos that he shares with us in the office. Chuck is one of our installers that takes care of the Big Piney and Kemmerer area along with the assistance of Carol. Carol has been with us for a year and she is our only woman installer. Just like most of us living in Wyoming, Carol loves to hunt and be outdoors.

We are very grateful for our hard working crew. Without them NGL would't be what it is.


September 2018 - Proud to Support Red Devils FB Cover.jpg

What better way to show our support for the EHS Red Devils than to have a float in the Homecoming Parade. Next week will be the beginning of Spirit week and it will end with their annual Homecoming events. This year's theme is Disney Magic and on Friday everyone should wear red attire along with Mickey Mouse ears. The parade starts at 4:30 pm so get there early to grab a good spot. Bring your kids and don't forget to bring something to hold all the candy. NGL will be throwing our Red Devil Footballs along with our candy.

For more information about our Red Devils visit their Facebook page.

Scotty's Bits and Bytes

September 2018 - Scotty WY Downs.jpg

Here at NGL, we offer a multitude of services and products. These vary from our different, flexible internet services to a variety of computer protection services. Although our technicians all have different hobbies and opinions, they have come together to suggest a couple of services that they think will be of great interest.

For people looking for great internet quality, our technicians offered this package as their pick of the month:

Gamer Package! Its perfect for the small and mid-sized families looking to be active together or even online independently. Don’t just listen to me though, hear from some of my fellows at NGL!

From David Jones, our Network Lead: “Gamer Internet. This Package is a great value and allows multiple Netflix and video streams at once. I am running into more and more people that have their kids or spouses watching Youtube, Hulu, or Netflix on a phone or tablet when they want to be on and watch something else. This gives them the ability to easily do that with the added bonus of being able to download games at a decent speed all without breaking the bank.”

Now, some of you may be saying, “Well, I don’t use your internet”. Don’t worry, we have a recommendation for you as well:

Remote Monitoring and Managed Services, Ultimate! This is designed to give you peace of mind at home when using your laptop or desktop computer. As before, let’s hear from our friendly NGL fellows!

From Lupita Palma, our marketing guru: “Having the monitoring program allows us to see issues when they happen and our techs can fix those issues, as soon as possible!”

Or Garrett Biebinger, the computer guy himself: “For our customer's peace of mind, and to reduce computer-induced stress I highly recommend our Ultimate Protection plan. This offers premier virus protection, patch management, remote support, and one on one computer technical help.”

Scotty Heckert

T1-T2 Technician

Talk to us Today


933 Main Street, Evanston WY, 82930

And They're Off... NGL at the Downs

Betting definitely takes things to a whole new level, it makes it all the more fun. As proud sponsors, we had the opportunity to spend a day at the race track. We enjoyed cold beverages, food, and gained a bit more knowledge on the process of betting. Most of us didn't have beginners luck on our side. Our co-worker, Renee, was able to win a couple of races and that encouraged us to make our own bets. We hope to go again and maybe next year we won't have to depend on luck to win.

For more information on the Wyoming Downs visit their website at wydowns.com.

Heritage Park, Lyman - Movies at the Park

July 2018 - Movies at the Park.jpg

Our Movies at the Park was held at the Lyman Heritage Park. This park has a great view of the Uinta Mountains. NGL sponsored 'The Peanuts Movie' and 50 bags of free popcorn. A few popcorn bags had winning stickers and those lucky individuals received a bag filled with goodies. Thank you to the Bridger Valley Chamber for putting this together and to the families that came to support this great event.

For more information on events in the Bridger Valley area visit their page at bridgervalleychamber.com.

Small-Town Happenings

August 2018 - Cowboy Days Cover.jpg

Cowboy Days is one of Evanston's major annual events. It is held during Labor Day weekend. You will have non-stop entertainment, rodeos, a grand parade and plenty of other fun events to choose from for the entire family. Don't miss out on "The Biggest Little Rodeo in the World!"

For more information visit their website at www.evanstoncowboydays.com.

Customer Service Portal


Finding ways to make life easier is something we can all agree on. By using our Customer Portal you will have 24/7 access to view your invoice and due date, account status, monthly data usage, and pay online. With our newest feature, you have the ability to create a ticket for one of our technicians. A technician will then contact you in a timely manner to assist you with your Internet needs.

If you have any questions about the Customer Portal, please call our office at(307) 288-5491 or visit our website at www.nglconnection.com.

Change is in the Air

NGL Connection has hit a major milestone and we are making some changes. This summer, NGL Connection will be upgrading to a new software system. What's even better? You as a customer will only see slight changes to the appearance of your monthly invoices and a more streamlined User Portal online. 

Our technicians are working hard to make sure this conversion is as smooth as possible. If you have any questions about the changes you will be seeing or anything else, give us a call at (307) 288-5491. You can also view our FAQ page for more information.

Main Street "Block Party"

June 2018 - Block Party Pic3.jpg

Main Street Promotions is made up of various employees that work for the Downtown district that meet once a month. Working as a group we put together ideas and plan events to promote our Downtown area. We, at NGL, are lucky to be a part of something that is for the benefit of our community.

June 2018 - Block Party Pic 2.jpg

This year we were able to host our first 'Get to Know your Neighbor Block Party'. There was music and dancing, games, hot dogs and cold drinks. We hope to make this an annual event for our Downtown businesses.

For more information about Main Street Promotions visit their Facebook page.

Fossilfest Galore

June 2018 - Fossilfest pic2.jpg
June 2018 - Fossilfest pic1.jpg

This year we wanted to be part of the different communities in the areas we serve. Kemmerer provides an annual two-day event in their Downtown,Triangle Park. Fossilfest is a family friendly event with activities for all ages. 

June 2018 - Fossilfest pic3.jpg

NGL was happy to be a sponsor. We were able to provide free WiFi throughout the park, thanks to our two installers that service Kemmerer. The food trucks had BBQ, Indian Tacos, and hamburgers. Other vendors had everything from homemade candles, jewelry to clothes.

We had a good time listening to the bands that played. One of my favorite parts was the Floating Lantern Release. Our lantern didn't do much floating as you can see in the bottom left picture. Next year we will get our lantern in the air and floating! 

Small-Town Happenings

July 2018 - Oyster Ridge Facebook Cover.jpg

Kemmerer also provides a completely free music festival that could cost hundreds to attend anywhere else. People from across the region travel to take a part of this historic event. Grab your family, friends, and a blanket to enjoy a weekend at the park.

For more information about Oyster Ridge click here.

Get your popcorn and snacks ready for movie nights! The Bridger Valley Chamber of Commerce hosts a Movies at the Park from June to the end of August. NGL will be sponsoring The Peanuts movie next Thursday. We will be there to hand out popcorn and raffle some goodie bags. We hope to see you there!

For more information visit the Bridger Valley Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page.

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Memories Among the Clouds

Recently I had the honor of watching my mother get married. It was beautiful, her smile painted the room as they exchanged their “I do’s.” Experiences like this will forever be in my memories because we made certain we had photos and videos to last a lifetime. Even better, because of online social media, the family that couldn’t be present will be able to relive these moments time and again. 

We collect memories in the form of photos and videos for everything, graduations, weddings, birthdays and so much more. They are all very important. Being able to recover them in the event of disaster is even more important. We can be hit at a moment’s notice with events like viral infections, hard drive crashes and accidental deletions. It is important to have a back up waiting in the background should anything occur. Did you know some of us utilize these back ups without ever realizing it? 

Social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, is the perfect way to share files and photos with friends and family. These services also offer a quick and easy way to retrieve photos and videos. Everything you place on it stays there as long as you want it to. My mom shared her happiest moments using Facebook alone; this let her share those moments with my siblings outside of Wyoming. Giving my sister a way to live this moment with her.

Now what about your important documents?

Services such as Google Drive and Amazon Prime also offer systems for more than just photos. This provides us the ability to store documents and other files for retrieval later. As an aspiring writer, I rely on Google Drive to not only give me the tools to develop stories and files, but also to keep them safe. 

I’ve found that a piece I wrote years ago is probably unrecoverable because it was not saved to anything but an old computer no longer functioning. I spent weeks getting it written and all of that labor and work has been lost. Using Google Drive, I have been able to keep my most recent pieces at the stroke of a key. 

Don’t lose your memories, moments or greatest accomplishments to bad luck or dangerous programs. Keep your memories in the clouds using the web-based tools at your disposal. If you find yourself with further questions, give us a call at (307) 288-5491, our technicians will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

Our Protectors

As youngsters, we often frustrate our mothers. I know I did – I never took out the trash or washed the dishes.  Mom always had solid advice for me – like not to rough house with my Uncle’s puppy.  Of course, that advice fell on deaf ears. The end result was a cut lip and a bruised eye. Mom bandaged me up, gave me some ice for the swelling, and sent me on my way.  What would we do without Moms?

My father is a veteran from the Vietnam War. He served our country with courage, and I want to thank him for that. My Dad effectively prepared me for many aspects of life and always kept me feeling safe. He taught me to be cautious about who I trust. I have met many veterans in my lifetime, and every one has shared these common characteristics.  My Dad is my hero – he modeled strong character traits forme and I was fortunate enough to grab on to them. 

Moms and veterans are in the business of keeping households and our country running safely and smoothly.  My job at NGL Connection revolves around keeping your Internet connection operating at optimal efficiency.  I take great pride in my work as I like to provide solutions for your online troubles.  We also like to provide a safe and sound environment for your computers.  We employ computer wizards who specialize in addressing hardware problems in your home.  We provide this service two different ways – drop your device off at our shop at 933 Main Street, or partake in a program that lets us access your computer remotely.  The remote access is wonderful – we can fix a number of challenges by logging into your computer from our office, troubleshooting the problem, and repairing the issue. 

At NGL Connection, some of my teammates are mothers, while others are veterans who served our country proudly and courageously.  We provide services to many people who are mothers or veterans, or both.  It is important to us to embrace the incredible traits taught by Moms and veterans.  We strive to keep your computers safe, your personal information safe, and your Internet connection to your loved ones running smoothly.  If your Internet is giving you a headache, or your computer needs a bandaid, please call us.  We would love to chat with you about solutions to your technology challenges.  You can reach us on (307) 288-5491, or you can drop in to our store located at 933 Main Street in Evanston. 

To my wonderful Mom, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.  And to my heroic Dad, thanks for your service. 

Remote Monitoring

Avoid frustration with Remote Monitoring Management for your home computers

Lately, NGL Connection has been busy promoting our managed services for business. Our managed services provide business clients with the ability to keep their computer systems safe from cyber criminals, but did you know we do the same for your home computer?

Home computers face many of the same challenges with cybercrime as big businesses deal with daily. Your banking information and other important data can be compromised by just opening a link on an email.

NGL Connection offers security for the home computer user with our Apollo Packages. Our home remote monitoring services can give you peace of mind by taking proactive steps to keep your information secure.

With both our ultimate package and the premium package, you receive 24-monitoring and anti-virus protection. The basic package offers 24-hour monitoring of your computer.

Moving up to the ultimate package provides the added security of patch management, managed windows updates, an annual tune-up and virus related repairs. With the premium package, you get 50 percent off of labor for virus-related repairs and the basic package provides 15 percent off.

Customers with the ultimate package pay only $60 per hour for any onsite repairs while premium and basic customers pay $80 per hour, which is still a bargain.

The ultimate package costs only $20 per month, far less than two people going out for dinner. The premium package is $12 and the basic package is $8. You can save 10 percent when you sign up for one year’s service.

To get started, call NGL Connection and ask us about our Apollo Remote Monitoring services.



10% OFF on Spring Cleaning

Your computer is just like your house, car or boat. It requires maintenance to ensure it continues to function efficiently. A little Spring Cleaning is just what the Computer Doctor ordered. Call and make an appointment to have your computer checked, clean any viruses and fix any issues you may have. Use this coupon and receive 10% off of your Spring Cleaning.

Call NGL Connection at 307-288-5491


Can't connect? Don't wait, call us today.

It’s frustrating to be logged onto the internet, working – or playing – and suddenly you lose your connection. With NGL’s Streamer package, losing connection in the middle of watching the latest episode of “Marvel’s The Defenders” can be upsetting. If you are using your computer for work, downtime can be costly.

So what should you do when you lose connection?

Your first thought might be to run through the neighborhood screaming “why, why, why me!” That would not be your best decision. Instead, stay calm, pick up the phone and call NGL Connection at 307-288-5491.

The technicians at NGL Connection are skilled, talented professionals who will work with you to resolve your problem. Calling NGL Connection first, instead of attempting to correct the problem yourself, will save you time and frustration. Our technicians will walk you through a step-by-step process that eliminates repeated steps. 

There are numerous reasons to lose your internet services and the professionals at NGL Connection have seen and dealt with nearly all of them. So don’t get angry or frustrated, call NGL Connection when you have a problem and get back online so you can finish binge watching “Longmire.”

Season of Giving Leads to Reflection

As we move into December and I reflect on our annual Season of Giving, it has caused me to think about the past year at NGL Connection. There have been many changes, most are a result of wanting to Give Back to our existing customers as well as to potential new customers in the outlying areas.  Some of those changes included:

  • Going from 18 Full-time Employees in January to 23 Employees in November (and it looks like we are not done with adding to our staff)
  • Purchase of the Kemmerer area to complete our link northward.
  • Acquiring additional office space and equipment to house our support services.
  • Upgrade of equipment & maintenance on 26 tower sites.
  • Restructuring our organization to better meet the needs of our customers, externally as well as internally.

Just looking at the list is exhausting!  And, of course, none of this happened without working through some major pain points.  That being said, we are grateful to those who have hung in there with us – customers and staff alike.  We could not have done it without you!

On the flip side, all this work has also allowed us to build better relationships.  As a company, we have the right people in the right seats, but hiring new staff and restructuring the organization does not come without a lot of training, practice, and, yes, a few mistakes along the way.  Externally, it has been a year of getting out to our service areas, talking to people, hearing their concerns, and finding ways to be more involved in their communities.  As a result, two major decisions were made:

1.     Our Season of Giving this year will be to give back to the Senior Center Meal Programs in all of our areas served.  It became apparent that we have meal programs in all of the areas that NGL Connection provides service and that there is a need for support.  Consequently, for every NGL Customer who pays their December invoice by the 20th of the month, $2 will be donated to the Senior Meal Programs in January 2018.  It will be divided equally between the 6 Senior Center Meal Programs in our service area.

2.     As we got out to all our service areas, the other “Aha” moment was when we realized we needed to be more involved in all our communities.  Consequently, it was decided that the theme for 2018 would be “Local Is As Local Does”.  It is our goal to focus on community events and happenings throughout the year on a monthly basis. (2017 theme was “Together We Can Do More” where we focused on local businesses and organizations every month but all were in the Evanston area.)

At NGL Connection, it has definitely been a crazy year – lots of changes, lots of growth.  That being said, we are so very excited to be able to Give Back to our entire service area.  As for 2018, if you know of a community event in your area this coming year, please give our Marketing Department a call at 307-288-5491, ext 712 or email us at marketing@nglconnection.com.

Avoid Becoming Just Another Statistic

According to the 2016 Statistic Brain Research Institute, 40% of all U.S. households have been affected by computer viruses.  To take it a step further, the estimated cost to U.S. households for viruses, spyware, and phishing is $4.55 billion – Holy Moly, who’s got that kind of cash!  

As much as we would like to believe this would never happen here in Cowboy Country, the truth of the matter is that every computer connected to the internet is susceptible.  And once your computer becomes corrupted, it just goes from bad to worse impacting productivity, causing frustration, perhaps data loss, and eventually, you may even need to buy a new computer.  Think about it in terms of your vehicle – you rotate the tires, change the oil, check other fluids, and, at the very least, clean it out from time to time.  You do all of this to keep that expensive investment running well as long as possible. Your computer is the same, otherwise it slows down and can’t keep up with all your needs and eventually becomes obsolete.

But what if you had “Computer Geeks on Call” and they could service your computer without you ever having to leave your home!  Low and behold, there is such a program which we call Remote Monitoring Management (RMM).  Let me tell you how it works:

1.    Software is installed on your computer by NGL Connection which notifies you and our tech support team about critical issues.

2.    If your computer experiences a problem, a small notification will automatically appear with information about how to contact NGL Connection.

3.    A built-in contact form allows you to contact us with any issues that you experience.

4.    Benefit:  You receive faster repairs, quick access to support and a higher quality of overall service.

I can sincerely attest to the value of our program as I do have this installed on my home computer.  The main reason I signed up for RMM is because I am the type of computer user who doesn’t care how the computer works nor am I willing to learn – I just want my computer to work all the time, every time.   Additionally, I never know when I get a request to download an update or an alert about a possible virus, what should I do…. Or not do.  NGL takes care of this for me and I don’t have to think about it.  Just recently, I had a pop-up say I had to reinstall some software; I wasn’t sure whether I should do it or not.  So, I sent a message on the contact form to NGL Connection (this was on Sunday).  The next day, they called me and said that they needed to remote into my computer so I followed their instruction which allowed them the access and the computer tech took it from there.  It was so easy!

Depending upon the package you choose, there are many other benefits, as well.  Additionally, as long as you have access to internet -- any internet service -- we can still reach you remotely and provide service.  Give our computer service department a call today at 307-288-5960, and they can answer all your questions as well as help you decide if this is the right product for you.

Your Router -- Is It Haunted or Dead?

In our “August Tech Talks” newsletter, we briefly touched on the life span of routers.  Upon further research, I realized that your router plays an integral role in quality internet service.  Your internet service could be just fine and yet you find yourself constantly having to reboot your router, having intermittent service and/or slow internet speeds. Consequently, I thought we should talk more about this topic.  That being said, what do you really know about your router (other than you should have one)?  

-- Routers have a lifespan of about 3 - 5 years.  It’s not that they necessarily die on you, it’s just that technology changes so much that your older router cannot keep up.  The older a router is, the harder time it has working through the “noise” as well as supporting multiple devices.

-- Routers have antennas -- some are on the outside while most have them on the inside.  So, how do you know if your antennas are bad?  For the most part it is trial and error but usually if you have a low signal even when you are relatively close to the router, that is a sign that they are bad.  Also, only the screw on external antennas are replaceable; internal antennas are not replaceable so you have to get a new router.  

-- Location, location, location. If your router is located far from your devices, your internet speed will not be optimal.  Also know that physical obstacles placed between the router and your devices, especially water and metal, can reduce internet speed.

-- Routers can either be single-band or dual-band.  Both have pros and cons so you need to do your research.  Some of the differences include:  

Single-band routers are usually less expensive than the dual-band.

Single-band routers broadcast on only one band whereas a dual-band has two network signals which is far less crowded and offers more channels.  This is extremely helpful for those who connect different devices during the same time ie. one person can stream Netflix while another can be on the internet on another device.

So, that is probably way more than what you ever wanted to know…. But my trouble-shooting buddies at NGL Connection keep telling me that knowledge is power.  Personally, I don’t need anymore power…. I just want it to work!  On that note, some easy trouble-shooting things you can do on your own:

1.  Always double-check cable connections - I know this sounds silly, but stuff happens -- kids, pets, etc.

2.  Reboot the router - disconnect completely from the power source for a full 10 seconds before plugging back in. (Personally, I do it for 20 seconds because I am of the opinion that more is better!)

3.  Clean the vents -- if your router is shutting itself down intermittently, for no apparent reason, it might be overheating.

4.  If your router’s ethernet cable is plugged into a PoE (a black box about the size of a deck of cards which goes to the antenna), make sure that the cable is not loose and the PoE has a light showing. If your PoE does not have a light, the problem could be that your PoE is not getting power for some reason.  You may want to check the power source.

5.  Last but not least, consider leasing an Eclipse Access Device from NGL -- this is a router that we can monitor, maintain, and remotely access, if necessary.  Additionally, when there is a firmware update for this equipment, it will automatically occur via NGL Connection so you will never have to worry about whether or not your router is up-to-date.

If you should have additional questions or are interested in leasing our Eclipse Access Device, feel free to give us a call at 307-288-5491.  Our Customer Support staff is always happy to help! Also, if you are not receiving our monthly “Tech Talks” and would like to, you can subscribe by going to our website at www.nglconnection.com or our NGL Connection Facebook page.