Zombie Survival Guide

A zombie computer is a computer that has been taken over by a hacker without the knowledge of the owner. The owner of the computer might notice that their machine has become sluggish, but without special tools, he may never realize that his computer is sending out massive amounts of spam or harmful web pages to attack and infect other computers.

Hackers use small programs that exploit weaknesses in the computer’s operating system. In order to infect your computer, hackers will disguise these malicious programs inside of seemingly innocent pictures or files. Sometimes hackers will even hide programs inside of pop up ads, which use the “No Thanks”, button as a decoy to deliver the malicious software.

We call this software, Malware. Malware are programs designed to hard or compromise a computer. Some common forms of malware that might turn your computer into a zombie include: Computer viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, Rootkits, Backdoors, and Keyloggers

The best way to survive a zombie computer attack… is to prevent it from even happening. Use these tips wisely and you too may survive a zombie computer attack.