Why Choose The Eclipse Access Device?

Avoid the hassle of going out and purchasing a router, configuring it, and spending time maintaining it - we'll do all the work for you!

NGL Connection offers the new and innovative Eclipse Access Device (EAD) for a low monthly lease of $10/mo. Your lease will cover any and all EAD maintenance throughout the lifetime of your services, including replacement if it breaks. 

As the EAD is specifically engineered for the services we offer, you’ll be ensured that the NGL high speed wireless internet connection you pay for is the connection you get.

Dual Band Wireless

The EAD features Dual Band Wireless which means less congestion and higher speeds.


The EAD features Beamforming - a technology enhanced to automatically send more WiFi power to the devices in your home which need it the most, no matter where they are located in your home.

beamforming (1).gif

Gigabit-Capable Ethernet Ports

The EAD features 4 Gigabit-capable ports ensure that your PC, XBox, or any other system you might have, are compatible with the EAD.

Reliable and Speedy Tech Support

Technicians are able to quickly and easily diagnose and measure your WiFi strength, channel capacity, and overall WiFi network performance to help solve your connectivity issues in less time. For EAD questions or concerns, please call our office at 307-288-5491.