Avoid Becoming Just Another Statistic

According to the 2016 Statistic Brain Research Institute, 40% of all U.S. households have been affected by computer viruses.  To take it a step further, the estimated cost to U.S. households for viruses, spyware, and phishing is $4.55 billion – Holy Moly, who’s got that kind of cash!  

As much as we would like to believe this would never happen here in Cowboy Country, the truth of the matter is that every computer connected to the internet is susceptible.  And once your computer becomes corrupted, it just goes from bad to worse impacting productivity, causing frustration, perhaps data loss, and eventually, you may even need to buy a new computer.  Think about it in terms of your vehicle – you rotate the tires, change the oil, check other fluids, and, at the very least, clean it out from time to time.  You do all of this to keep that expensive investment running well as long as possible. Your computer is the same, otherwise it slows down and can’t keep up with all your needs and eventually becomes obsolete.

But what if you had “Computer Geeks on Call” and they could service your computer without you ever having to leave your home!  Low and behold, there is such a program which we call Remote Monitoring Management (RMM).  Let me tell you how it works:

1.    Software is installed on your computer by NGL Connection which notifies you and our tech support team about critical issues.

2.    If your computer experiences a problem, a small notification will automatically appear with information about how to contact NGL Connection.

3.    A built-in contact form allows you to contact us with any issues that you experience.

4.    Benefit:  You receive faster repairs, quick access to support and a higher quality of overall service.

I can sincerely attest to the value of our program as I do have this installed on my home computer.  The main reason I signed up for RMM is because I am the type of computer user who doesn’t care how the computer works nor am I willing to learn – I just want my computer to work all the time, every time.   Additionally, I never know when I get a request to download an update or an alert about a possible virus, what should I do…. Or not do.  NGL takes care of this for me and I don’t have to think about it.  Just recently, I had a pop-up say I had to reinstall some software; I wasn’t sure whether I should do it or not.  So, I sent a message on the contact form to NGL Connection (this was on Sunday).  The next day, they called me and said that they needed to remote into my computer so I followed their instruction which allowed them the access and the computer tech took it from there.  It was so easy!

Depending upon the package you choose, there are many other benefits, as well.  Additionally, as long as you have access to internet -- any internet service -- we can still reach you remotely and provide service.  Give our computer service department a call today at 307-288-5960, and they can answer all your questions as well as help you decide if this is the right product for you.