Season of Giving Leads to Reflection

As we move into December and I reflect on our annual Season of Giving, it has caused me to think about the past year at NGL Connection. There have been many changes, most are a result of wanting to Give Back to our existing customers as well as to potential new customers in the outlying areas.  Some of those changes included:

  • Going from 18 Full-time Employees in January to 23 Employees in November (and it looks like we are not done with adding to our staff)
  • Purchase of the Kemmerer area to complete our link northward.
  • Acquiring additional office space and equipment to house our support services.
  • Upgrade of equipment & maintenance on 26 tower sites.
  • Restructuring our organization to better meet the needs of our customers, externally as well as internally.

Just looking at the list is exhausting!  And, of course, none of this happened without working through some major pain points.  That being said, we are grateful to those who have hung in there with us – customers and staff alike.  We could not have done it without you!

On the flip side, all this work has also allowed us to build better relationships.  As a company, we have the right people in the right seats, but hiring new staff and restructuring the organization does not come without a lot of training, practice, and, yes, a few mistakes along the way.  Externally, it has been a year of getting out to our service areas, talking to people, hearing their concerns, and finding ways to be more involved in their communities.  As a result, two major decisions were made:

1.     Our Season of Giving this year will be to give back to the Senior Center Meal Programs in all of our areas served.  It became apparent that we have meal programs in all of the areas that NGL Connection provides service and that there is a need for support.  Consequently, for every NGL Customer who pays their December invoice by the 20th of the month, $2 will be donated to the Senior Meal Programs in January 2018.  It will be divided equally between the 6 Senior Center Meal Programs in our service area.

2.     As we got out to all our service areas, the other “Aha” moment was when we realized we needed to be more involved in all our communities.  Consequently, it was decided that the theme for 2018 would be “Local Is As Local Does”.  It is our goal to focus on community events and happenings throughout the year on a monthly basis. (2017 theme was “Together We Can Do More” where we focused on local businesses and organizations every month but all were in the Evanston area.)

At NGL Connection, it has definitely been a crazy year – lots of changes, lots of growth.  That being said, we are so very excited to be able to Give Back to our entire service area.  As for 2018, if you know of a community event in your area this coming year, please give our Marketing Department a call at 307-288-5491, ext 712 or email us at