Can't connect? Don't wait, call us today.

It’s frustrating to be logged onto the internet, working – or playing – and suddenly you lose your connection. With NGL’s Streamer package, losing connection in the middle of watching the latest episode of “Marvel’s The Defenders” can be upsetting. If you are using your computer for work, downtime can be costly.

So what should you do when you lose connection?

Your first thought might be to run through the neighborhood screaming “why, why, why me!” That would not be your best decision. Instead, stay calm, pick up the phone and call NGL Connection at 307-288-5491.

The technicians at NGL Connection are skilled, talented professionals who will work with you to resolve your problem. Calling NGL Connection first, instead of attempting to correct the problem yourself, will save you time and frustration. Our technicians will walk you through a step-by-step process that eliminates repeated steps. 

There are numerous reasons to lose your internet services and the professionals at NGL Connection have seen and dealt with nearly all of them. So don’t get angry or frustrated, call NGL Connection when you have a problem and get back online so you can finish binge watching “Longmire.”