Protect your business with Core Connection’s Managed Services

In 2014, cybercrime grew by an astonishing 4,500 percent. Our managed services, through Core Connection, a division of NGL Connection, can protect your business from cybercriminals.

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents users from accessing their system.  It can lock down, or limit the use of your system, until the ransom is paid, typically through a difficult to trace digital currency such as Ukash or Bitcoin.

Since 2012, the use of ransomware has grown world-wide and is being used more each year by cybercriminals. One form of ransomware, known as CryptoLocker, is estimated to have produced $3 million before it was taken down. The FBI estimates that CryptoWall produced more than $18 million by June 2015.

Keeping your important data backed up is the most effective method of protecting yourself. The leverage a hacker has is the importance of your data. Backing up your data takes away their most powerful tool. Cloud services, offered by Core Connection, is a great method of backing up your data. Make certain that whatever backup system you use it is thoroughly tested.

Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated. The old days of a young hacker sitting in the dark eating pizza and drinking Mountain Dew have passed. Today’s cybercriminals can be in a modern office building and financed by organized crime or even governments. There are no cyber-borders.

Our managed services will keep your operating system and other software updated. These updates can contain “patches,” which provide security from newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Email is a primary method of attacking a network. If you have an unexpected email, which contains an attachment or link, be cautious. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a hoax. Clicking on a link or attachment could infect your system. Make certain your emails are from a trusted source. Much of that email comes in the form of spam and Core Connection provides spam filtering for your email.

Core Connection, a division of NGL Connection, can provide your business the security it needs with our managed services program. Core Connection provides phone support, remote support, service monitoring, on-site support, patch management, drive space monitoring, printer setting management, file sharing permission administration, anti-virus, spam filtering, cloud services and tested backup.

Call us and we will design a program that works best with your system and budget. We are your IT department.

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