More speed

Does bandwidth alone get more horsepower from your computer?


The desire of many Americans is to get more speed and more power from just about everything. What else can we expect for a society who waits impatiently for the microwave to burn through 10-seconds? For those who spend a lot of time internet gaming and streaming high definition videos, speed is key. Typically, they want more bandwidths, but there is more to internet speed than bandwidth.

Let’s take a closer look at bandwidth and speed. Many believe bandwidth and speed are the same things but, while they may affect each other, they are different.

If you are looking for high speed, then you have to build the speed triangle.

The first factor is bandwidth, bandwidth is similar to a hose, a larger diameter hose will allow a larger volume of water to pass through. If you are streaming high definition video, bandwidth can be beneficial because it allows a larger volume of information to pass through, so long as you have the next part of the triangle – data transfer rate.

In the hose example, we learned you can pass more information through with more bandwidth, but like the hose, you may be able to put more water through but your speed is still dependent on how fast the pumps work. Unless more water is being put through the hose at a faster rate, the speed of the water will be the same.

The last part of the triangle is the ping rate. The transfer of data typically goes through a series of servers and cables, and each have their speeds. That ping rate is the amount of time it takes your computer to transfer information from the server your computer is communicating with, which may be halfway around the world. My work computer has a ping rate of 19 milliseconds (ms) when connecting to a server in Colorado Springs. That is excellent, but if it had been more than 150 ms, I would start to notice a lag when gaming or streaming.

Those are the three basic factors required for high speed internet. Of course, there are other factors to consider. If you are using an older computer or one that has not been updated properly, an old router, or a computer that has a virus, all of these are like a kink in your internet hose and can slow you down. Your speed can also be affected by the number of users in your house and, at peak internet times, when more of your neighbors are using the internet, your speed will slow down. Much like the chill you get when taking a hot shower and someone turns on the hot water in the kitchen.

Most of these issues can be found and possibly repaired without coming into the office. Call us and schedule a time for NGL Connection to analyze your system for any issues. We can do this remotely, saving you from lugging your computer down to the office.

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