Our Protectors

As youngsters, we often frustrate our mothers. I know I did – I never took out the trash or washed the dishes.  Mom always had solid advice for me – like not to rough house with my Uncle’s puppy.  Of course, that advice fell on deaf ears. The end result was a cut lip and a bruised eye. Mom bandaged me up, gave me some ice for the swelling, and sent me on my way.  What would we do without Moms?

My father is a veteran from the Vietnam War. He served our country with courage, and I want to thank him for that. My Dad effectively prepared me for many aspects of life and always kept me feeling safe. He taught me to be cautious about who I trust. I have met many veterans in my lifetime, and every one has shared these common characteristics.  My Dad is my hero – he modeled strong character traits forme and I was fortunate enough to grab on to them. 

Moms and veterans are in the business of keeping households and our country running safely and smoothly.  My job at NGL Connection revolves around keeping your Internet connection operating at optimal efficiency.  I take great pride in my work as I like to provide solutions for your online troubles.  We also like to provide a safe and sound environment for your computers.  We employ computer wizards who specialize in addressing hardware problems in your home.  We provide this service two different ways – drop your device off at our shop at 933 Main Street, or partake in a program that lets us access your computer remotely.  The remote access is wonderful – we can fix a number of challenges by logging into your computer from our office, troubleshooting the problem, and repairing the issue. 

At NGL Connection, some of my teammates are mothers, while others are veterans who served our country proudly and courageously.  We provide services to many people who are mothers or veterans, or both.  It is important to us to embrace the incredible traits taught by Moms and veterans.  We strive to keep your computers safe, your personal information safe, and your Internet connection to your loved ones running smoothly.  If your Internet is giving you a headache, or your computer needs a bandaid, please call us.  We would love to chat with you about solutions to your technology challenges.  You can reach us on (307) 288-5491, or you can drop in to our store located at 933 Main Street in Evanston. 

To my wonderful Mom, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.  And to my heroic Dad, thanks for your service.