Goodbye Summer... Hello Fall

Splish Splash NGL's Water Bash

Every year NGL Connection throws a summer party for employees and their families. Our Event Committee decided that a water party would be a good theme to celebrate the end of the long hot summer. It was our first time as an Event Committee and our turnout was successful. We had great food and desserts catered from our local Smith's store. Some of us played volleyball while others enjoyed throwing the football. A few water gun feuds broke out during the party--kids against kids, adults against kids, and adults against adults. In the end our bellies were full and we were cooled off for the day.

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Our Installers and Tower Crew

July 2018 - Movies at the Park.jpg

Chad and Trevor are always coming up with ways to make things run smoother for the company. Chad does our wire installations and has been working for NGL for about four years. He likes to hunt and be with his family. Trevor does our tower work and has been with us for a year and a half. He lives in Bridger Valley and one of his hobbies is building cars and participating in demolition derbies. They fix, build, and maintain everything in the Uinta, Bridger Valley and Rich County areas.

Carol - Southwest Sublette Pioneers.jpg

Chuck has been working for NGL Connection for three years. He likes to hike and fly his drone. We enjoy many of his videos that he shares with us in the office. Chuck is one of our installers that takes care of the Big Piney and Kemmerer area along with the assistance of Carol. Carol has been with us for a year and she is our only woman installer. Just like most of us living in Wyoming, Carol loves to hunt and be outdoors.

We are very grateful for our hard working crew. Without them NGL would't be what it is.


September 2018 - Proud to Support Red Devils FB Cover.jpg

What better way to show our support for the EHS Red Devils than to have a float in the Homecoming Parade. Next week will be the beginning of Spirit week and it will end with their annual Homecoming events. This year's theme is Disney Magic and on Friday everyone should wear red attire along with Mickey Mouse ears. The parade starts at 4:30 pm so get there early to grab a good spot. Bring your kids and don't forget to bring something to hold all the candy. NGL will be throwing our Red Devil Footballs along with our candy.

For more information about our Red Devils visit their Facebook page.

Scotty's Bits and Bytes

September 2018 - Scotty WY Downs.jpg

Here at NGL, we offer a multitude of services and products. These vary from our different, flexible internet services to a variety of computer protection services. Although our technicians all have different hobbies and opinions, they have come together to suggest a couple of services that they think will be of great interest.

For people looking for great internet quality, our technicians offered this package as their pick of the month:

Gamer Package! Its perfect for the small and mid-sized families looking to be active together or even online independently. Don’t just listen to me though, hear from some of my fellows at NGL!

From David Jones, our Network Lead: “Gamer Internet. This Package is a great value and allows multiple Netflix and video streams at once. I am running into more and more people that have their kids or spouses watching Youtube, Hulu, or Netflix on a phone or tablet when they want to be on and watch something else. This gives them the ability to easily do that with the added bonus of being able to download games at a decent speed all without breaking the bank.”

Now, some of you may be saying, “Well, I don’t use your internet”. Don’t worry, we have a recommendation for you as well:

Remote Monitoring and Managed Services, Ultimate! This is designed to give you peace of mind at home when using your laptop or desktop computer. As before, let’s hear from our friendly NGL fellows!

From Lupita Palma, our marketing guru: “Having the monitoring program allows us to see issues when they happen and our techs can fix those issues, as soon as possible!”

Or Garrett Biebinger, the computer guy himself: “For our customer's peace of mind, and to reduce computer-induced stress I highly recommend our Ultimate Protection plan. This offers premier virus protection, patch management, remote support, and one on one computer technical help.”

Scotty Heckert

T1-T2 Technician

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