We Raised Over $3,500

Season of Giving Back Results

In December, NGL Connection donated $2 of every on-time payment to the First Responders in our service areas. We are pleased to announce that our customers helped raise $3,532. We thank our customers for helping NGL Connection with this worthy cause.

First Responders are individuals that are dedicated to helping serve our communities. In times of emergencies, they are the ones that run toward an event rather than away from it.

Together, we are making a positive difference in our communities.

Winner of the Chromebook Raffle

December 2018 - Raffle Chromebook Winner Brett Provstgaard.jpg

In December, NGL Connection held a Chromebook Laptop Raffle for Main Street Promotions 12 Days of Christmas. Of the 422 entry's submitted, we are pleased to announce that Brett Provstgaard was the lucky winner. Congratulations Brett! Thank you to everyone that participated and be on the lookout for more chances to win other amazing prizes throughout the year.

NGL's Christmas Party

December 2018 - NGL Christmas Party.jpg
December 2018 - isolvu Escape Room.jpg

For our company Christmas party, NGL spoiled us with a nice dinner at our local Tumblin' Tumbleweeds restaurant. We exchanged White Elephant gifts -- the Red Ryder BB gun was the favorite. Afterwards we headed to isolvu for some team building games.

Scotty's Bits and Bytes

September 2018 - Scotty WY Downs.jpg

It is the New Year and that means a resolution for almost every part of your life. These include things like reading a book once a month, taking an hour of time for yourself, being outdoors more, and/or eating healthier. Many people call this a detox from life’s junk.

A lot of people’s resolutions revolve around improving their physical life. While this is great for your mind and body, we shouldn’t think our digital lives don’t need their own set of resolutions.

Even if you’re planning on stepping away from your cellular or computer devices, does not mean they are going to step away from you. A lot of times we will put our tablets away or just stop using our Google Homes and Alexas, leaving them to gather dust or sit in the background. 

One of the first steps to improving your digital life should be to “detox” your home network. Don’t just put them aside, remember to shut them off or unplug them. Many digital devices can last days when they aren’t in use and will continue to search for updates or listen for interaction from us. Ever had problems streaming a video from Amazon or Netflix? Pages loading slower or internet downloads taking longer? Detox and your devices should work better.

You can also quiet down your digital life by taking some time to clean out your devices. If you’re like me, you’ve probably debated whether or not you should get a new email. My email has almost a thousand unread messages from different websites and organizations that I was involved with at one point in time. By taking just 15 or 30 minutes to unsubscribe to these “pests” you’ll see the difference immediately. Fewer emails will come through to “bug” you and you might find yourself seeing more important emails faster. Take the time to do this with your applications as well. Many will work in the background and cause not only a lot of bloat and battery issues but can even be one of the reasons your network is having trouble.

If you ever have any questions about what your network is doing, give your provider a call. At NGL Connection, the internet technicians can check your service to see if it might be overloaded with junk. The computer technicians can assist you in cleaning up your computer and other devices. You can reach us at the store Monday through Friday greeting you with a smile and a helping hand.

Scotty Heckert

T1-T2 Technician

Small-Town Happenings

January 2019 - WCF Round About Wine.jpg
January 2019 - Sulphur Creek Derby.jpg

Sulphur Creek Ice Fishing Derby will be on February 2, 2019.

For more information about the Fishing Derby click here.