Rid your E-Waste for FREE ♻️🗑️💻🖨️

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Why should you recycle your electronics?

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Every year 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of worldwide.

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95% of e-waste is recyclable, only 15-20% is being recycled.

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70% of the world’s population do not have computers or the Internet.

296 more jobs are created from reusing or recycling computers.

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Bring your electronic waste to NGL Connection. We recycle just about anything with a plug or battery for free!


933 Main Street, Evanston WY 82930

(307) 288-5491

The Real Life Heroes

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April 2019 - Sublette County Unified Fire.jpg
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After surviving a long winter, we were finally able to finish delivering our donation checks. Thank you to the Uinta County Sheriff and Fire Departments, Sublette County Fire Department and EMS, and South Lincoln Sheriff's Department for providing assistance and keeping our communities safe.

Thank you again to our customers that make this happen. Our “Season of Giving” would not be the same without you. Don't know what our "Season of Giving" is, read our past Newsletter's and find out!

2019 Hometown Showcase

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Working as a team NGL Connection was able to participate and have a booth in this year's Hometown Showcase. Lupita and Scotty were there early to set up. They had the opportunity to say a few things on the radio, talk to other businesses and people. For the rest of the day Blythe, Nathen, and Jae were ready and happy to help with all your technology questions and needs.

Thanks to the Evanston Small Business Network for organizing this event and for giving small businesses the opportunity to get to know each other.